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I was one of the lucky few that got World Series tickets last year through Ticketmaster. Of course, I used them myself, but all the time I kept thinking how much money I could make if I were interested in speculating. So, as soon as the Sox won, I went online to see how tickets were being distributed and what they were going for. Apparently, if you wanted tickets to the Sox post-season, you had to send a request early in the season and enter a lottery. Ticketmaster was NOT involved.


Anyway, my real gripe about all of this (it was the same one I had last year) is that the money is being made, but the franchise is seeing none of this. It's going into the pockets of sleezy ticket brokers. I know nothing could be done about it (and I wouldn't want to interfere in the free market process) but it just kind of stuck in my craw last year that cheap ($60) tickets were going for around $250 and the Marlins weren't going to see any of that.

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