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2004-2005 offseason thread


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werd on the street is the Yanks are talking over the possibility of spinning Javy Vazquez ( who seems to suffer from NYC syndrome ) to Zona for the more expensive and much older Randy's Johnson.



Not "NYC Syndrome". I could have told you, seeing him 3-4 times a year when he was with the Expos that he was not a great pitcher. NYY thought otherwise.

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I don't agree with that


his career stat line shows he has IT hes a good pitcher and it just didnt work out this season, i can only assume its due to the pressure or the reported "arm slot issue" but you cant just say he is not a great pitcher when he did:


2001, age 24


16w 3.42era 208k in 223.2ip


2002, age 25


10w 3.91era 179k in 230.1ip


2003, age 26


13w 3.24era 241k in 230.2ip


you can not tell me those lines happen by accident.

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He is acctually 28 now, so he is a little older than you show him to be.


He is a good pitcher no doubt about it. But his bb totals steadily increased every year, including this year. Looking at his splits he has always done much better in a dome. And just seeing him pitch in those games every year I never went "wow look at this guy". He was the Expos #1/#2 guy, depending on if you like Armas Jr. better or not. He is a lot like Estaban Loaiza. A run of the mill, maybe a little better, awesome 2003 and a step back in 2004.

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He is acctually 28 now, so he is a little older than you show him to be.



birthday is july :thumbup


and im glad to see he went from not a great pitcher to a good pitcher no doubt.


just watching him all year he just didnt seem right, we saw him alot vs Fla when with Mon and he just looked different. way too many HR allowed and just not right this season.

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