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BREAKING: Perez will NOT wear a Marlins Uniform

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Odalis Perez will re-sign with the Dodgers for $24 million over three years, ESPNews reports.

At one point in the offseason, it had seemed like offers for Perez may top out at about $5 million per season. This is more in line with what he deserves compared to what Russ Ortiz, Eric Milton and Kris Benson received. Staying with the Dodgers should allow him to keep posting sub-4.00 ERAs through the end of the deal. With Perez joining Jeff Weaver and Brad Penny, there are now two rotation spots open for Edwin Jackson, Kazuhisa Ishii, Elmer Dessens and Wilson Alvarez. The Dodgers still could add another pitcher to guarantee that both Dessens and Alvarez will work out of the pen initially. Jan. 4 - 6:01 pm et




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Well acording to rotoworld, some source said that the Perez signing could be offical after Green agrees to terms with the D-Backs...




There's speculation that the Odalis Perez signing is contingent on the Green trade. We're skeptical that's the case, but the Dodgers do really want this to get done. The Diamondbacks are expected to guarantee Green another $16 million over two years. Green would have to play much better this year in order to do better than that as a free agent. -rotoworld

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