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Dodgers sign Lowe


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Lowe emphasized money wasn't the primary lure.


"It wasn't money," Lowe said.


Something about athletes saying that when they get big contracts kills me every time.



This could be great news for Giants fans. Lowe may keep the ball in the yard, but in 2005 he'll give up so many hits, the homers won't matter.


Defense behind Lowe:


1B Big Choi/ old slugger*

2B Pornstache

SS Izzy

3B Jose "Don't Hit it Here" Valentin


With the exception of Izturis, this infield defense is scary-bad. Ground balls are going to skip through so often, Derek Lowe will leave games when most Dodger fans do. In the third inning.


*Big Choi couldn't hit squat after the All-Star break. Pitchers began to realize that if it came in faster than 80 MPH, it was off Choi's radar. My bet is that by mid-May, the second-rate sabermatricians in Chavez Ravine will bring in some Todd Zeile clone to stop the bleeding.

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I have no respect for the Dodgers's organization, how could they have not matched the Seattle offer for Beltre?


Now they are overpaying for Lowe, with that money they could have easily made a run at Clement or even Pavano.


What a s***ty FO


I agree.


This deal also shows how stupid pavs was for signing so early

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