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Braves O?


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Whos going start in in the corner outfied positions for the Braves this year, is their offense strong enough to take the divsion again?? Yea it prolly is because for some reason no matter what happens they pull it out. There is going to be three mediocre pitchers in teh rotations this year too, Thomson, Ramirez and Hampton. Is the aquission of Hudson and Kolb over shadowing a not so good offseason?

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The Braves starting pitching is one of the best in the league.


Thomson had a 3.72 era.

Horacio had a 2.31 before getting hurt

and Hampton had a mediocre year with a 4.28 era but had a 3.13 in the 2nd half.


put that with Smoltz, Hudson and Mazzone finding a way of turning everyone into a good reliever and you have good pitching.


And in the corner Outfielders they have many different things they can do. They can move Chipper back to LF and put in their #1 prospect from last year Andy Marte in 3b and start Ryan Langerhans in RF(hit 298 20hr 78rbi in AAA)


Or of course Sign Magglio and choose between Langerhans and Marte for their LF/3b position and Chipper moving to the position left avialble.


Braves are alwasy in contention just because of their coaching staff and the man in the booth John Schuerholz

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Their offense will be better than last year. Sad Admin Jones will rebound, the farm system will produce a ROY candidate, and they will have full seasons from Adam Laroche and Marcus Giles.


This organization may be the biggest pain in the ass in sports. God how I hate the Braves.

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