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Comment on the "We Don't Need Slogans" slogan

Joe King

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I voted Teal Beast of the NL East... I like it better than the teal october.. but that ones OK too...


Its catchy... *repeats 10 times*


its been 72+ hrs since Admin posted the poll that was to be up for 72 hrs... lol... anyway.. the heat are back on..brb


Thank you for typing out your thought process

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The Best Team Money Can't Buy.....


come on I hate the Yankees and this is creative, so it goes hand-in-hand/



I think that 52 million dollar contract alters that slogan a bit. I love the yanks theyre my AL team, i liked them before the marlins existed back before they were filling all their spots with all stars. But regardless its great when a team you like fills all its roster holes with the best players. See how good delgado felt? Imagine one like that every offseason

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