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Superbowl drinking game...

Guest Fritz

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Take one drink whenever a Patriots player or coach uses the word "team" in an interview. Two if it's Corey Dillon.

Take two drinks whenever someone makes reference to Tom Brady as "clutch."

Take one drink whenever Adam Vinatieri kicks a field goal. Three if he misses.

Take one drink whenever someone says the Patriots are either underdogs or underrated.

Take 3 drinks everytime someone mentions Pats and "could be dynasty".



Take one drink whenver the camera focuses on McNabb's ugly new beard.

Take one drink whenever a player who is not Terrell Owens says that there's more to this team than Terrell Owens.

Take every drink you can find if Owens catches a touchdown pass. The though of Andy Reid in tights after the Super Bowl is something you'll need to drink out of your head.

Take two drinks every time a reference is made to Westbrook creating matchup problems.

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This game would own for Illinois basketball since the annoucers say the same thing about us EVERY GAME!!! You will hear this in every one of our games....


"Illinois is very unselfish, assisting on over half of their baskets

Nick Smith is the tallest player in Illini History

Dee Brown, 'the one man fast break' flies in for a layup

Luther Head leads the Big 10 in 3 pointers made

Roger Powell is a ordained minister in the penecostal church

Rich McBride, the 3 point specialist, who shoots a 3 on 4 of 5 shots he takes

Deron Williams, who leads the Big 10 in assists....AND

*NEW ADDITION* Jack Ingram, who hit 2 huge 3 pointers at Wisconsin..."


EVERY game, that is said about us, and it gets old so fast....

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by drink, you mean drink of beer because you would get f***ed up in a hurry if you were talkin the hard s***



Yeah, I think you're going to alcohol poisoning if you do hard stuff.

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Yeah, I think you're going to alcohol poisoning if you do hard stuff.




Back when I was a bit more of a drinker, we would get together for postseason games just so we could do Kamikazi shots. Simple rules, one shot for:

any score

any turnover

running plays better than 30 yards

passing plays better than 50 yards

end of quarter (except half time required a double shot.)


And usually you pick 1 commercial that you believe will air several times during a game (Nike, Bud, etc,) so every time it airs, another shot.


Of course that could lead to trouble if you adhere to the rules:

Hail Mary pass (longer than 50 yards) on the last play of the half is caught, then fumbled, picked up by the defense and run back (obviously more than 30 yards) for a TD as time expires in the half.


Thats a 6 spot, now you have alcohol poisoning

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Take a drink every time Tedy Bruschi is called the most underrated linebacker in the NFL.


Take a drink every time Jeremiah Trotter is said to have "really made a difference to this Philly defense, at middle linebacker"


Take a drink every time the words "Tom Brady is on his way to the Hall of Fame" are uttered.

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