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Cubs making a run at Dotel


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The Cubs are looking to talk with the A's about Octavio Dotel, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

It will be easier to acquire a closer in July than before the start of the year, but the Cubs may figure they can't afford to wait that long. We don't see the A's parting with Dotel now, although any deal including Jason Dubois and either Felix Pie or Brian Dopirak would certainly have to be considered. Danys Baez could be easier for the Cubs to acquire, and while they haven't shown any interest so far, Ugueth Urbina could be an option if he looks good this spring.



Wouldn't surprise me. Dotel is 31, and the Cubs are loaded with young arms in their system.

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I don't understand why the Cubs would do this deal now; it makes more sense for them to wait to see if they can actually hang with the Cardinals in the division, and the other powerhouses in the NL for the Wild-Card.


Dotel isn't that good of a closer (dynamite arm, don't get me wrong), but they have a lot more problems than simply their closer spot...there's no real reason I can see them giving up Dopriak, Pie or Guzman (who Beane will demand for Dotel), when they're not even a sure thing to contend for the division...

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I can't see A"s trading Dotel but weirder things have happened


they got him for nothing ... why not get something out of it :confused


Because then A's will be back where they started before the trade - without a closer. Of course, this is the same team that trades some of the best pitchers in the past decade for unproven minor league talent so who knows.

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