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Jose Canseco interview


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judging from his mannerisms, i'd say he looked and sounded very much like he was lying all throughout the interview.


the only part of the interview in which he didn't look or sound fraudulent was near the end, when he was asked why he thinks steroids are safe for people to take. that's the only time he actually appeared to be speaking without any contrived mannerisms (e.g. fake thinking).

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Can anyone give a little synopsis?



Jose did a little flexing.

He did a lot of weird blinking. His eyes were puffy and pink.

Jose said he injected Mark 2 times for sure, can't remember how many other times.

Bahsed Jason.

Said how steriods are good if you use them right.

Talked about package shrinkage... okay maybe not.

Thats about it.

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How long was it and who interviewed him?



About 15 minutes. And wallace.


The only thing that was on there that wasn't splayed over sports center already was really the part where he said he thinks steriods are good for people if used right. And a discussion about his arrests.

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