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McKeon's New Book


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The way he garbles names, I'm bit surprised to find out (1) he is writing a book, and (2) this is his 2nd book


It already available in pre-release on Amazonfor $16.34 (discounted from $24.95) in hardcover



McKeon's book will be 'wholesome'

By Joe Capozzi

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Jose Canseco's tell-all book, Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big, has attracted a lot of attention even before its release Monday because of Canseco's allegations within the book of rampant steroid use.


On deck in baseball's lineup of literature: Marlins manager Jack McKeon's autobiography, I'm Just Getting Started: Baseball's Best Storyteller on Old-School Baseball, Defying the Odds, and Good Cigars.


But McKeon offered a warning for readers in search of tales of drugs use, womanizing and behind-the-scenes infighting.


"It's not a tell-all book," McKeon said Wednesday. "That's not my style. This one covers baseball, religion and cigars.


"The people who are going to buy Canseco's book are the ones who look for garbage. Mine's going to be wholesome, one you can go to the library and take out. This is a very clean book with some funny stories in it.''


Triumph Books expects to release the book in mid-March. In the book, McKeon, 74, covers baseball from Branch Rickey to Miguel Cabrera. Some chapters end with, "And now it's time for a cigar.''


His favorite chapters recount letters he received after the 2003 World Series from senior citizens who said he inspired them to go back to work.


"There's a story about one guy who saw me in Fort Lauderdale and he hugs me and says, 'Thank you. You got me going to church every day.' I had tears in my eyes when I read them,'' McKeon said.


The juiciest tidbit in McKeon's book? "No players injecting steroids, although Jack does reveal who smokes cigars,'' said co-author Kevin Kiernan, a reporter for The New York Post.


In the past, McKeon has received tell-all books from former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott and Pete Rose, who took a shot at McKeon in My Prison Without Bars because McKeon did not play his son, Pete Jr., when McKeon managed the Reds.

McKeon's first book in 1988, Jack of All Trades, mixed humorous stories with an insider's view of the way general managers wheel and deal.


He joked that he'd consider writing a third book "after we win the next World Series.''



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