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JP, Dtrain and Roger Clemens @ FAU


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I just got an e-mail that told me that "Rodger Clemons" was gonna appear at FAU. I followed this link http://message.viditalk.com/ver12/images_0...index_r4_c2.gif and a dude said it was gonna be a fundraiser on Feb 26th and JP and Dontrelle were gonna be there too and to call 866-FAU-OWLS for more info. Which I am doing right now.


Anyone got more info on this? If it's not a bazillion dollars I am so there.

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I would pay 5000 not to sit at a table with you. Rude.




I live near Max and Miri so blow me.


Yeah but the closest you got to Max's room was talking to me on the phone while I was in it with Miri and him.



and sitting on his bed....

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