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Crazy Canseco Selling WS Ring


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can he get out of the news?


By Darren Rovell



If Jose Canseco is in need of some money, he isn't doing a great job these days of hiding it.


Jose Canseco



Among the items for sale on his Web site (www.josecanseco.com) are autographed copies of his new book "Juiced" for $58 and an autographed White Sox game jersey for $749.95. Canseco has also offered his 2000 New York Yankees World Series ring for purchase.


The ring, with 22 major diamonds and 34.5 grams of gold, can be yours for the price of $40,000.


Ring selling isn't something new in the Canseco family. Canseco sold his 1986 American League Rookie of the Year ring for $5,100, while his twin brother Ozzie sold his 1990 American League Championship ring for $6,000.


"He's sold his trophies, his World Series rings, sold everything that had true meaning to the average baseball player," Oakland A's teammate Dave Stewart told the Tri-Valley Herald. "He did that because he never really liked the game."


Canseco's book had an initial run of 150,000 copies, though it is not clear how many have sold or if there will be an additional printing. The book has been among Amazon.com's Top 20 bestsellers for two weeks, but was not listed among the New York Times Top 35 bestselling books on the paper's hardcover non-fiction list Sunday.


According to reports in the Berkshire Eagle and Lowell (Mass.) Sun, Canseco owes $32,793 in taxes to the state of Massachusetts. But his agent said the slugger was not delinquent in his payments and the misunderstanding was due to the fact the accounting firm that handled Canseco's taxes did not file an income-tax return.


At this point, Canseco doesn't need money to defend himself against any libel suits. Players named as steroid users in the book -- including Mark McGwire, Ivan Rodriguez and Juan Gonzalez -- all denied the claims, but none of them has filed lawsuits.


Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Wilson Alvarez, who played in Tampa Bay with Canseco, said he considered suing the slugger after he named Wilson as a steroid user, but said filing a lawsuit would be a waste of time.


"I'll just let it go," Alvarez said.


When the Yankees claimed Canseco off waivers in August 2000, manager Joe Torre said the team's interest in Canseco left him "stunned" and "surprised." Canseco earned the World Series ring after playing in only 37 games. He had one at-bat in the World Series against the New York Mets and struck out.


Mike Greenwell, the runner-up to Canseco for the 1988 American League MVP award, said earlier this week that he should be granted the award because Canseco cheated. But claiming the actual award would be complicated since Canseco reportedly sold it for $30,000.


Darren Rovell, who covers sports business for ESPN.com, can be reached at darren.rovell@espn3.com.

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you can call him alot of names but one name u cant is liar....

People baseball is not as clean as many of you think it is....

players have been juicing up for along time now its nothing new...

for those of us that have been around for a while cant u remember all these guys looking like stick figures and the next season they came in looking like the incredable hulk..."cough" B.Boone "cough" and so many others...

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What a disgrace.


How can anyone believe everything he says in his book is true.



Because not everyone thinks baseball is a good clean game with no cheaters.



I know the game isnt clean and it is full of cheaters but theres a bunch of evidence in the book when he lied about certain incidents and when they took place like the meeting he had with Bret Boone at 2nd base which never happened.


Most of the guys he says probably did use steriods but some like Rafael Palmerio I have a hard time believing.

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if the facts that jose gives that cna be checked at least check out or are at least partially true, then i'd give him crediblity.



but when so many of these events didnt even happen....that thing called credibility goes flying out the window for all you say.



did players juice? yes.



am i going to believe a player juiced cause canseco said so? no.

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Now the ring is off the market.


The ring, with 22 major diamonds and 34.5 grams of gold, was on sale for $40,000 but was removed from the site Monday. It is not clear whether that means the ring was sold. E-mails directed to the site's webmaster were not returned.




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