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Mark Kotsay


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Does anyone here subscribe to Baseball Digest? For those who don't get it, every issue there is a page with a different player's profile. It's just a quick page with the same questions every month. The questions are your common "Who did you idolize growing up", "What player would you pay to watch play", "What's your most embarrasing moment in your professional career", etc...


The last question is "What's your most memorable moment"... Mark Kotsay's answer was his first Major League hit in 1997 vs Curt Schilling when he was with the PADRES !!! I had to read it a few times cause I thought I read it wrong.. Now, either the writer of the profile just didn't write the answer down correctly, or Kotsay has really forgotten his roots...


I had to mention this cause I like to read things where I know the Giants or Marlins will get some props. So, I figured Kotsay would mention the Marlins somewhere on that page. When I read it, I couldn't believe it.

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Guest Moneyball

Kotsay was on his way to becoming someone...after the trade he just wasn't the same.


I bet that's why he might still have a grudge with the Marlins.

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