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Lennys Gotta Go

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Lenny Harris needs to go. He is a little help, if any to the Marlins this season. I think Loaria is a cool guy and will let Lenny get his 200th hit with the team and then look for possibilities...however 7 hits will take at least a couple months for lenny at this point. lenny has his crown as a pinch hit king and a ring for the WS but I think he is done unless he can help some poor team out...but news flash..the marlins arent that poor team. Id def. rather see Brad Fullmer in a marlin uni this season then Lenny.


Another Thing to Look For

After Mordy is done with his coaching in a couple months he will be a marlin again. He is 10 days(roster spot, playing or not) away from getting his status as a 10 year player and making some extra money. Word is again, the cool guy Loaria is that he will bring mordy in for a week or 2 and then make him a 10 year player and then Mordy will be done with playing and will go back to coaching somewhere. Hell Id rather see Mordy play this year then Lenny..



Lenny Must GO!!!!!



The drive for 5 has begun(years without a yankees title)


Yankees Suck Balls

Marlins Rule

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ok this is getting boring there are to many hate threads. stop it it gets annoying. you dont like a player deal with it because there not going anywhere.


Harris,Bump,Perisho,ENC, they get alot of hate threads on here and you know what while there playing in the bigs your on your freakin CPU complaining about them. give it a break.

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