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Do you fear death?


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I voted kinda. I used to be fearful of it all the time, but since I started to begin my faith in Christ, my fear has gone down significantly.


Life is nothing but a test to clear

Did you have a heart while you where here

And was it sincere?

Your still unraveling your future right now

What kinda person are ya bro, oh, where there you go

You control your own muthaf***ing destiny

I ain't letting the devil get the best of me

(I'm gonna make it into Shangri-La) golden walls

What's up with you?

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I'm not religious so I don't know if the question's for me, but I don't think I fear it. Then again I'm not old, so maybe my thinking will change at some point, who knows... I know some elderly people find religion towards the end of their lives. Is this because suddenly they're confronted with their own mortality and are afraid? I don't know, but in my case I don't think it's something to fear. I think it's normal to fear it at first, but I guess you just have to come to terms with it at some stage. If you're religious you find solace in the thought that something else awaits you. Regardless, it's the end of a story, which is always sad, but fearing something that is inevitible... I mean who wants to live forever anyway? I'd fear an early death, but at 80, 90, whatever age, I'll probably be ready for a rest. Most elderly people that I've known in the late stages of their lives have been pretty at peace about it.

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i'm not overly religious and very comfortable with my own morality ... it isn't death in and of itself that I fear or the unknown aspects of afterlife (if any)


i'm pretty much resigned to the fact that we all die, my day will come and all I can do is all I can do


what is a concern to me is living an unfulfilled life ... wasting away my time and not leaving my loved ones in a poor position

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Guest Moneyball

I guess I could say I'm kinda scared. Just the part of not knowing what's the next step concerns me. What happens to your soul after you die? Will you ever get to see all those family members you lost long ago? How I am going to die? Peaceful or a horrible death? The hardest questions to answer in the universe.


Hopefully there is an afterlife.

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