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YES Network Ignored Ring Ceremony


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What a bush-league move by the YES Network to not cover the Red Sox's pregame ceremonies live from Fenway Park yesterday. The insular cable channel ignored viewers who aren't entirely beholden to the Yankees and appreciate baseball history. Many, we're sure, would have enjoyed the reactions from both camps in the continuing rivalry.


With the festivities occurring on the field, YES showed Michael Kay and analysts Jim Kaat and Bobby Murcer in the booth with their backs to the distant Green Monster, which was draped in red.


Kaat called the ring ceremony on Opening Day "about as cool as you can get." Kay noted that "most of the Yankees have all been on the top step and applauding." But we didn't get a peek, although YES was filming it all.





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Well if their commentators are standing there saying stuff like "[this is] about as cool as you can get." And then the YES commentator is saying stuff like "most of the Yankees have all been on the top step and applauding." They are giving play by play to something they aren't showing. Why were they even on the air then?


If they don't wanna talk about it or acknowledge it, why have you guy do a "play by play"? Or say what he did?

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