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If Marlins get stadium Deal????

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Who should the Marlins secure long term if a stadium deal is worked out?



Miguel Cabrera OF/IF


Dontrell Willis P


Josh Beckett P


Who would you like to see long term as a Marlin?


Being a huge Cabrera fan I would love to see him start and finsih career with Florida. Also finding good stable pitchers is hard to do!! Having Dontrell Willis and Josh Beckett would also be nice. Lets here some opinions.

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Cabrera. Though its likely he wont finish as a Marlin.


I think barring unforseen circumstances(major injury, declining numbers), Cabs is going to be wearing a Marlins uniform for the rest of his career. No way Loria lets him slip away. This isnt Cliff Floyd we are talking about. Now whether its with the Florida or not is another issue. Even if teh stadium deal falls through and Loria moves the team, Loria knows a rare priceless piece, whether art or player, when he sees it.

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