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Weirdest MLB Local Commercials...


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I watched the Giants game last night, and they have this "your SF Giants" theme going, and fans ask players questions, pretty straightfoward. The thing is, the questions start out normal and then end leaving you scratching your head. For example, JT Snow is asked his favorite movie, etc. and then the fan goes "hey, JT, the hip bones connected to the...?" and JT just stares at the camera and then goes "thigh bone." And the commercial ends. And the weirdest is with Omar Vizquel, the fan's asking him about where he grew up, that sort of thing and then the fan goes "hey Omar, do squirrels make you nervous?" and then Omar, again, stares at the camera and says "no, they make me laugh." Weirdest commercials I have seen for an MLB team, and up there with those potato-rat thingies for Quiznos.


Anyone else seen some weird MLB local commercials, or these Giant ones?

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The FSN commercial last year where the guy had a heart attack and then when the paramedics show up and see he's wearing a Cubs t-shirt, they just leave him there, those were great :lol .


The 2005 FSN commercials are horrible, the ones where they're trying to pass messages through the whole city, so dumb.

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They have a commercial here for ESPN 1000 (White Sox flagship) in which 2 doctors are looking over an unconsious patient, and they look at the way his fingers are arranged, and the one doctor says "hmm, split fingered fastball" and the other doctor says "no" rearranges the guys fingers a bit, and says "THAT'S a split fingered fastball".



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