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Bill Gates Irrational

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Microsoft's biggest worry, though, should be the huge success of Mozilla Firefox, the open source web browser.


Faster and more secure than Internet Explorer, it is the first browser to seriously challenge Microsoft's dominance.


In just nine months Firefox has chalked up 50 million downloads, although some are admittedly upgrades.


Bill Gates is one of the people with Firefox on his computer, so I asked him for his opinion.


"I played around with it a bit, but it's just another browser, and IE [Microsoft's Internet Explorer] is better," Mr Gates told me, and challenged my assertion that Firefox's 'market share' is growing rapidly.


"So much software gets downloaded all the time, but do people actually use it?" he argued.



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No way is IE better. It took me some time to get a feel for FireFox and get accostumed to it but ever since those first few days I don't want to use IE.


Same here. I've downloaded firefox everywhere I use a computer including 3 computers here at work.

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