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NHL brass working on plan to bring fans back


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NHL officials working on kiss-and-make-up plan


Jeremy Roenick might not think much of hockey fans, but the NHL plans to show them lots of love.


A new labor deal has yet to be signed, but NHL teams already are preparing to coax fans back to the arenas after the longest work stoppage in professional sports history.


?The whole idea of a guerrilla marketing campaign is to start getting consideration in the minds of consumers,? Florida Panthers chief operating officer Michael Yormark said.


Across the league, teams are devising ?re-entry? plans to persuade fans to come back. Several teams, including the St. Louis Blues, San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Mighty Ducks, have announced significant price rollbacks on most or all season tickets.


Season-ticket holders look to gain the most, and Panthers season-ticket holders will be treated like royalty.


Yormark said they will receive more benefits, including a separate red-carpet entrance. He said the team is also considering concession lines exclusively for season-ticket holders.



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FLORIDA PANTHERS: The Panthers lowered season-seat prices in six of 10 categories before what would have been the 2004-05 season. In addition, a limited number of upper-level seats previously priced at $430 will be reduced to $365 ($8.50 a game). "We have not raised ticket prices in several years," a club spokesman said. "We have also increased the value of privileges, such as exclusive meet-and-greets with the team, autograph sessions, concert purchasing priority et cetera. The Panthers' season-ticket prices are in the bottom half of the league."


You can be a Panthers FULL season ticket holder for only $365 now :o .


Go here to read what all other 30 teams are going to be doing to bring back fans, most of them said things along the lines of "we will not release any information until the new CBA is in place," so it's really good to see the Panthers going against the grain already announcing their plans and aggressively trying to coax the fans back.

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