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Genie In A Bottle


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a husband (Jim) and a wife (Jane) are going golfing near an expensive neighborhood. Jane hits the ball, and it breaks a window on one of the houses. so they go up to the house, and walk in. there is a man sitting on the couch, next to a broken bottle.


"did you break my window?" the man asks


"Yes, and im so sorry and i can pay for it" says Jane


the man says "No, you dont understand. i want to thank you. Im a genie, and ive been stuck in that bottle for a long time and you set me free. Since you did this, i will give you three wishes, but if its ok, id like to keep the third wish for myself." Jim and Jane agree that its ok for him to keep the wish.


Jim says "i wish i would get a million dollars every year for the rest of my life" and the genie says "ok, done!"


Jane says "I wish i had a house in every country" and once again the genie says "ok done!"


Now its the Genies turn. "Now, ive been in that bottle for quite some time. It got really lonely in there. If its ok with you, Jim, id like to have sex with your wife."


Jim looks at Jane, and says "well...he did just give us all this money and all those houses. if its ok with you hon, then its ok with me." so Jane agrees.


They go upstairs, and they are up there for a really long time. finally, the genie looks over at Jane and asks, "How old is your husband?" Jane says "25"


The genie says "And he still believes in genies?"

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