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Veronica Varekova VS. Mya


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Veronica Varekova


Nominated By: Mark

What Is She Known For? ASuper Model

Approval Rating: N/A







Nominated By: TariAJ

What Is She Known For? Recording Artist

Approval Rating: N/A%





Please vote for who you think is hotter.

If you are not satisfied with the pictures...go to Google Image Search for more looks.

It'd be nice if everyone posted who they voted for and why if they want.


Let the voting begin!

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mya by a ton.


oh, and that is the absolute worst picture of mya i've ever seen in my entire life...i dont even know how its possible to find one that hideous on google image search. it must have been buried on like page 72 or something.


I guess we have different tastes...sheesh relax...

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