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Aguila is our 4th outfielder.

Easley is our 5th?

Lenny Harris is our Easley back-up infielder?


I know there are airplanes for emergency situations.

I trust there are Open Tickets already issued to Hermida and Andino.


My personal Marlins MVP's are Easley and Conine. We couldn't make it without them from the Bench.


And I hope the Hermida and Andino tickets are ready.

Have I missed something?

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How many days are we into Delgado's ailment?


With Cincy and Colorado ahead, and from press reports, Delgado no more ready to play than yesterday, and with Gonzo and Looie still ailing, it MIGHT, and I repeat, might, be a good time to DL (14 day retroactive) Delgado back to the effective date, and bring up either Josh Wilson or Andino (or even Joe Dillon or in their absence, sign a Bret Boone or other waivered player) to play the infield (with Easley) to give Looie and Agon time to heal.


Both Looie and Agon can still pinch-hit. Both can play an inning or two of defense in the latter innings of a close game, etc.

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What about Wilson Delgado? Isn't he still with the organization? At this time of year, I'd rather have Delgado as opposed to a rookie with no major league experience.





I have no preference (Wilson Delgado vs. Andino, Wilson, Dillon, etc.) who comes up or is acquired, my focus was on using Carlos Delgado's injury to temporarily create a roster spot which could be used to rest our ailing middle infielders.

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This is stupid. All these high-priced medical geniuses we have and no one could predict when Delgado would be back???

Meanwhile, we're using Easley and Conine full-time. And who's their back-up?

Very irrresponsible management.


Elbow injuries are notoriously hard to predict on when they will be healthy.

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