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le betard show gives good info ... it is a first

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David Sampson was on there just moments ago while I was driving home. He got a last caller about 2 issues.


1. The possible resop sent down. He stated that it was done in order to bring up a position player. Not for a trade (he said bring up someone).



2. That Him and the VP are off to a deal over the stadium with miami tonight. An important meeting for it.



Now is the person called up hermida? Find out in like 2 hours I guess

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Dan Lebetard gets way too much flak for being anti-Marlin, which he isn't. He has a problem with the fans that call in and make idiotic comments not the team, he also totally rips into the Dolphins all the time, unlike his idiot co-host Stugotz.


I'd rather listen Lebetard over a neg-head like Eddie K who makes every effort to rip Jack every chance he gets.

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