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YOUR #1 ranked Blue Devils...


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I have class till 8 central time, which kindof blows...Im going to miss at least a half of this game.


We should wiin by 30-40 if we have any kind of a start.


Im interested in how the two point guards play...and what the substitution rotations are going to be...especially how much time big Tang gets in for Shelden and what the lineup will be when Paulus and JJ are both at the guard spots...because when Dockery goes out we are much worse on defense in the backcourt...


And the line is -34....

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Guest FishFanInPA

It's either at Duke or a stadium of Duke's choice because they always have to get their way......and before you Duke fans jump on me....it's the truth.


Temple wanted to play Duke at the Liacouras Center but Duke refused and bitched and moaned until they got it played at the Wachovia Center where more of their fans or bandwagon mates can come to. It's horseshit if you ask me.

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:boo-woo :boo-woo :boo-woo


If it was such a big deal, then dont play us, but the thing is Temple can use Duke as a recruiting tool so they want them on their schedule, no matter where they play them. Duke gains nothing by playing in Temple, but Temple gains something playing Duke anywhere.


FF324, it is in Cameron.

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