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Devil Rays opition former No. 1 pick Hamilton


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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. ? (AP) ? Tampa Bay prospect Josh Hamilton was outrighted to Triple-A Durham on Friday, one of several moves made by the Devil Rays.


Catcher Pete LaForest, who hit .243 with one homer and four RBIs in 25 games last season, was designated for assignment, a move that helped clear room for the addition of right-handed pitcher Jamie Shields, first baseman Wes Bankton and catcher Shawn Riggans.


Hamilton, the first pick in the 1999 amateur draft, has been on major league baseball's restricted list the last two seasons.


The 24-year-old outfielder was suspended in March 2004 for violating baseball's drug policy. He hasn't played since July 2002 because of injuries and unspecified personal issues.


"With regards to Josh Hamilton, this is nothing more than a procedural move,'' Devil Rays executive vice president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said. "The Devil Rays organization remains committed to helping Josh in any way possible as he works hard to overcome his personal challenges.''




Intresting move on the day that 40-man's need to be set prior to the rule 5....anyone have an intrest in him....he could be another form aka outfield form of Jeff Allison .... thoughts??

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No thanks. One burnout project is enough for an organization, and frankly, I think Allison has more upside than Hamilton at this stage.


Also given the roster requirements of the rule V, I see no reason to think that Allison goes anywhere, especially coming here.



Josh Hamilton, after all these years, still has more potential than Allison, and the great majority of minor league players. Hamilton was a super-prospect, a future MVP, a 5 tooled lock...


Not a shot at Allison whatsoever, but if Hamilton could ever regain even 80% of what he could have been, he's still fantastic, fringe all-star player. What is he now? 25? He still has plenty of the time to round into shape, and get back most of what he could have been.

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I've now amended my position. Yes, take him in the rule V...it would almost be foolish not to given where we're heading now.


IN order to be eligible for Rule V, they have to be be left of the 40 man roster for 3 or 4 years, right....? I think I'm wrong, but once someone mentions it, I'll be like 'doh I knw that'.

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Hey we can set them up in a roomates to keep each other happy. Let both projects work together.




Yeah why don't we let the two guys with addictive personalites and huge drug problems room together. They could work on making bongs, seeing how could chop oxycotin into lines the fastest, and which local dealers had the best stuff.


I'm just being a smart ass. Hard not to look at the kid if its cheap and you can cut him. But i do believe once a head case always a head case. I will be stunned if Allison ever pitches in the pros much less josh ever come back.


But someone said it best...thank god they took him and we got josh. Where is that DRays guy at? How come no one has thrown that pick at him. That has to go down as one of the biggest draft blunders ever.

It will be interesting to see how the Joe Mauer/Mark Prior thing plays out. I don't know how they passed on Prior.

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