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Padres get Cameron from Mets, trade Nady


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NEW YORK ? (AP) ? The San Diego Padres acquired outfielder Mike Cameron from the New York Mets for utility player Xavier Nady on Friday.


Before the Padres agreed to complete the deal, they wanted to make sure Cameron's vision was OK following a face-to-face collision with Mets teammate Carlos Beltran in the outfield at San Diego's Petco Park on Aug. 11 that ended Cameron's season.


Cameron and Beltran collided while pursuing a sinking liner. Cameron was hurt the worst, sustaining a concussion, a broken nose and two fractured cheekbones. The two-time Gold Glove winner had surgery a day later.


Cameron had been forced from center field to right field by the arrival of Beltran last offseason, helping make him expendable.


The Padres tried to sign Cameron as a free agent after the 2003 season, but he accepted a $19.5 million, three-year deal from the Mets.


Nady, a second-round draft pick in the 2000 amateur draft, was billed as a super-sub last season, playing at first and third base, and all three outfield positions. He batted .261 with 13 homers and 43 RBIs.

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More like good to see that the Mets got a whole hell of a lot less for him than they could have.


Olney had a great quote on his blog about this:


"I heard they were talking about that, but I couldn't believe it was true," an executive with another team said. "Now I wish I had called and offered to make a deal for him and then moved him to another team, because you could've gotten a lot more for him."

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Cameron's trade value couldn't be lower. He hasn't played since the injury, demanded a trade, and really underperformed. Omar did a decent job get a promising player back and having Pads pick up the check. Think of it this way, this trade will probably end up being Cammy for Nady and Molina/Wagner/Hernandez.

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Wow, what a lop-sided deal. The Mets got taken to the woodshed on this one.


Salary dump? For a team who has all kinds of cash to spend this off-season. Doubtful.



Buster Olney, is that you?


Last season, Nady hit .261/.321/.439/.760 (13 HR, 15 2B) in about half a season worth of playing time.

In just about the same number of ABs last year, Cameron hit .273/.342/.477/.819 with 12 HR, and these were well above his career .249/.340/.442/.782 averages.


In fact, considering park adjusted numbers, Nady as a young part-time prospect has already matched Cameron's offensive numbers (minus stolen bases). Cameron is a great defender and that cannot be ignored, but he was also partially wasted in RF. We're talking about a guy who will give you similar or better offense at a fraction of the price ... and a guy with more potential.


Add into the equation his cataclysmic crash in CF last year resulting in massive facial injuries that no one has any idea how he'll recuperate from.... yeah, the Mets really got robbed blind on this one.


That being said, I seriously doubt Nady plays a game as a Met.

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