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What trades should be made....


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Alright Marlins fans, lets lay off all this fire sale talk and think about the positives that are gonna come from the imminent trades. Juan Pierre, Carlos Delgado, Mike Lowell, and Josh Beckett will all be dealt away. However, in the Front Offices desperate attempt to shred the payroll, I hope they realize they should still get top notch talent in return....


Juan Pierre


Acceptable Trade:

JP to the Cubs for Felix Pie


Unacceptable Trade(s):

JP to the Cubs for Corey Patterson

JP to the Yanks for anyone in their system



Carlos Delgado


Acceptable Trade:

CD to the Mets for Lastings Milledge and relievers


Unacceptable Trade:

CD to the Orioles for Hayden Penn



Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell


Acceptable Trade:

Josh and Mikey to the Red Sox for Hanley Ramirez and Anibel Sanchez/Jon Lester


Unacceptable Trade(s):

Josh and Mikey to the Rangers for Hank Blalock and Danks/Diamond (unless Blalock is immediately shipped away)

Mikey to the Twins for Lohse and relievers


So if the acceptable trades occur....Lastings Milledge, Felix Pie, Hanley Ramirez, and Anibel Sanchez will be coming our way, lets take a trip into 2007/2008....


C Paul LoDuca

1B ???

2B Luis Castillo

SS Hanley Ramirez

3B Miguel Cabrera

LF Felix Pie

CF Lastings Milledge

RF Jeremy Hermida


SP Dontrelle Willis

SP Jason Vargas

SP Scott Olsen

SP Anibel Sanchez

SP Josh Johnson


Maybe even Chris Volstad and Aaron Thompson getting thrown in there....

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you can't expect to get the world back for Delgado if you expect them to pay for him also. Part of their contribution to the trade is essentially "lots of money." So you can't expect equal talent value back in return if you also expect them to give lots of money.


expensive talented player for average to good prospect and "lots and lots of money"

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Jp either for Pie or to the White Sox for either Rowand or Marte... (I prefer the Sox deal..)


As Far as Delgado, I would like to see him stay like everyone but he most likely wont. I think we will trade back tot he AL. Im not sure the Marlins will trade him to another divison rival unless they give us big time talent!


As for Josh and Lowell dea.. If the Rangers deal does go through, I would want to see the Rangers pick up ALL of Lowell's Contract, Half of Hanks, and then we deal Hank for pitching or other players that we need to fill position.


Lowell to the Twins is interesting but.. I dont think they will pick up as much as the Rangers, plus Lohse if in the deal, is way to pricy! Iw ould take JC Romero

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I like the beckett n lowell to the Sox for Hanley n Sanchez. We lose in pitching for the present but build for the future, and we get rid of a tainted product in lowell, since we have Miggy who wants 3B bad, and we get a SS who we need badley. As much as i would miss beckett, i kinda hope this trade goes throuhg.

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Our Payroll last season was 65 million and we are trying to get it down to 50-40 million range?


Let Agon go and that saves 3.5 million, let Encarnacion go thats another 4 million. Trade Pierre for someone that saves 4?, then trade lowell away to the twins and pay half of his salary.


would that save us 16 million? I guess we would have to factor in raises to Dontrell, Beckett and Cabrera. I know delgados salary increase, but we are off the hook from the pudge and hampton deals I believe so they would cancel out.

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