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Take your best guess at next year's lineup...


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I really liked what this team had going. Oh, well. Time to move on. Anyway. For SPs, we'll have Dontrelle as our ace, but after that it gets a little muddy. Vargas should be there. Do we still have Ish and Moeller? And I guess we'll be throwing in a rookie or two at the rotation. Things don't look very promising at all there... at least in the immediate future, since we do have 2.3 million SP prospects. Gotta think a couple of them will pan out eventually.


Do we have a starting RF yet? Is Conine coming back at LF? I guess we can pencil in Hermida at LF... unless we put him in RF and start, say, Willingham at left? But Willy hasn't shown enough power to be an everyday LF. Stokes could be an option, but his fielding is worrysome to say the least.


On the infield, it seems like the only sure thing is Miggy. Wait, let me rephrase: The only sure thing *is* Miggy. Gonzo is gone already, right? So we'll be starting a rookie at short. I wouldn't be surprised if by midseason we're already using that SS we got from the Sox. Luis might be gone too, and soon. Maybe we'll move that guy we have in our minors who is supposed to be a pretty good SS and put him at 2B? The guy we got from the Mets at 1B seems legit. At least he's the only guy we've gotten in return so far that can contribute right away. I'm worried about the LoDuca situation. We'll probably be using a lot of young pitchers next year, and I'd like an experienced-leader-who-also-happens-to-be-pretty-good to be their catcher. We won't be even close to being a .500 team without LoDuca. But my guess is that if he's not gone in the offseason, he'll be gone before midseason. Which would leave us with... Treanor. Hey, he can catch, he's a nice guy and is cool and has a hot girlfriend, but that doesn't make him a good hitter. Yep, things are looking awfully grim on the infield too.


And I ain't even thought about our bullpen yet. In fact, what is there to think about our 'pen? Are we even returning anyone? We'll probably trade Mota and end up with Resop as our closer and Messenger as our setup man. Enough to give a man the shivers. Not that I think they're bad pitchers, but they're kinda young and unproven and, from what I could see last year, they could have benefited from another year in the minors.


Ah, hell, enough complaining. As you can see I'm full of questions. Can anybody shed some light on me as to how our roster is shaping up? And sorry for the long post. Got a bit carried away.

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Are Martin and Mathis part of our organization? Or are you just expecting/hoping we get them in some trade? I googled them and they seem like decent prospects (especially Martin), though I couldn't get much on Mathis. From what I saw (though the info could be outdated), one belongs to the Dodgers and the other is an Angel.


Man, looking at those projected lineups it's finally sinking in what this season is going to be like. Naught to it but keep expectations low and simply enjoy watching the prospects grow, I guess.

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at this point I my guess's are as good as anyones



CF-mickey mouse

SS-minny mouse



1B-pig pen



2B-Scooby Doo


Dillon, Andino, Aguila, Willingham, Stokes or Harvey



SP-Charlie Brown

SP-Charlie Hough

SP-Kevin Costner








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