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Before going to bed last night I saw the JP report on ESPN. I predicted this was going to happen but I wasn't prepared for it. Somehow seeing JP's highlights on TV sparked feelings of just how he was the soul of this Marlins offense. He has to be one the most exciting players in baseball to watch and when he did well, the Marlins did well (even McKeon admitted this). And now, he's gone.


Along w/ JP's departure goes my love for the team. I loved JP and the magnitude of the fire sale didn't hit me until JP left. I seriously thought this management would be different and make wise payroll decisions to keep the club competitive w/ young/cheap players. Thats why I thought the Marlins would be different after the '03 WS win than they were after the '97 WS win. But no, I was wrong. 2 fire sales in less than 10 year?! Are you kidding me? How can you root for a team that guts itself every decade?


What is there left to root for? The players are all different. The manager and coaching staff is and will be different. And now the team's motivations (seeking relocation instead of seeking a WS ring) are different. The only thing that is left to root for is the name on the jerseys. AND EVEN THOSE MIGHT CHANGE IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS!


So I'm sure a lot of you are going to hate on me and call me a bandwaggon fan and tell me "good riddence". But thats fine. I can no longer bring myself to root for a franchise that does this to its fans. I can not root for a AAA ball club in MLB uniforms knowing that last year we were inches away from the playoffs. A while back someone posted that when they say they are a Marlins fan people laugh at him and he didn't know why. Well, consider your question answered. We are the laughing stock of baseball. If the 1998 team went down as one of the worst pro teams in the past 25 years (ESPN), this 2006 team will be right there with it.


I'm not asking for any sympathy or support. I'm just making my feelings heard. Like all of you, my feelings have been crushed. And I just can't find myself to support this team. At least not at the level I was last year. I'll probably go to a couple games this summer, but the amount of love I have for the team this year will be a 10th of what I had last year. I know there are a lot of die-hards out there that just refuse to be realistic about the "new" Marlins. Thats fine. You will be one of the 12,000 in attendence at a saturday night game. For those of you who are being realisitic at the cost of being optomistic, you know where I am coming from and I'm sure a lot of you agree with me.


Good luck Marlins (you'll need it). I hope that either a) you find a new home b) find a new stadium or c) by the grace of god become competitive again sometime in the next 3 seasons (although i highly doubt it).

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As I am sad Pierre is gone but I don't think it is a greater loss than some of the other guys. Mikey Lowell was really the face of the Marlins, even though he had a terrible year. Trading Lowell and Beckett really hurt for me. But, that's a part of the game, they will rebound. Maybe the guy that's been pushing for Aguila to get more PT will get his wish, especially since we seem to continue to get pitchers.

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