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Wily Mo Pena?


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The Nationals have discussed a Wily Mo Pena deal with the Reds, but the Washington Post believes they don't have the pitching to pull it off.


GM Jim Bowden denied a rumor that a three-team trade that would have sent Shea Hillenbrand and another player to Cincinnati, Pena to Washington and Brad Wilkerson to Toronto was talked about. The Reds no longer have any reason to move Pena or Austin Kearns, though they could still consider it in the right circumstances


We have pitching.. :mischief2


23-years old, only making 440k and has played a little bit in CF. Don't know if Cincy would trade him but putting in a offer couldn't hurt.



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Guest FlummoxedLummox

Since they've traded Sean Casey, the assumption has been that Dunn will move to 1st, opening up some room for the everyone else in their outfield. If Willy Mo is available, though, I'd certainly make a push for him.

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I'm not too sure why we'd want him. He'll probably be eligible for arbitration soon (looks like he's played at least half of each of the last three seasons in the bigs), and his numbers went down from '04 to 05. He strikes out a lot too, and his numbers in '05 look Preston Wilsonesque (.254, 19 HR, 51 RBI, 116 K in 311 AB, 99 games). Maybe over a whole season he's a 30-40 homer guy, but he looks like he's had some problems staying healthy.


So if the Fish were to get him, I hope they wouldn't give up much... and keep Aguila and Eric Reed around in case of injuries.

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