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Plane slides of runway at Midway Airport (Chicago)


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Here is somethign creepy.


Exactly 33 years ago today, there was another crash at Midway.


I live about 45 minutes (depending on traffic) outside of Chicago, and if this crash happend at 7:30 like they are saying it did those planes should not have been flying. I got out of school at 3:15 and the conditions and roads were already awful. It hasn't stopped snowing since then, and as you can see on the news it is still snowing. Its stupid that they were flying.

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theres been alot of bad luck in aviation latley jeez (has checkride on saturday, gets nervouse)





Very unfortunate for the child. Accidents happen, but these are professionals. They should know not to give into public impatience.



Pilots should have diverted, Air Traffic Control probably told them to come on down it will be fine, but the pilot should have said no thanks and be diverted somewhere else for a bit.

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