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The Notorious BIG


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The Notorious B.I.G. Duets: The Final Chapter is the title of the second posthumous album by The Notorious B.I.G. The album is set for release by Bad Boy Records on December 20, 2005. The first single, "Hold Ya Head," it is a duet with another musical legend, the late reggae great Bob Marley. The song is produced by Clinton Sparks. the track features a sample from the Marley song "Johnny Was."


The album will feature duets between Biggie and some of music's greatest vocalists and MCs. The tracks are all brand-new, created by many of the industry's top producers. The record package will also include a DVD featuring never-before-seen performance footage and old videos.


I've gotten a chance to give a pre listen to this album from a buddy who works in the music industry. I'd give it 3 out of 5 mic's. I do not know all the production credits on it but the beats are fresh and catchy like most Biggie beats with exception of the track with Korn (obvious fans of rock might enjoy this one). Couple tracks that really caught my ears were:


4. Whatchu Want (Featuring Jay-Z): Fav track of the album. Jigga spits pure fire and lets you know why he is one of the best still. Biggie comes with the smoothness like usual makin references to Admin Johnson and Grand Ma Ma. Beat rides with the best of them.


6. Get Your Grind On (Featuring Big Pun, Fat Joe & Freeway): Something I always wanted to hear. A collabo with the fatties. I've always been a huge Big Pun/Fat Joe fan. Def a smooth flowing collabo with the Terror Squad. Could give f*** all about Freeway


13. What's Beef 2006 (Featuring Mobb Deep): Anything the Mo Double B touches turns to pure gold. Mobb Deep might be one of the most underrated hiphop groups ever and they show it on this cut. The dark style of Havoc and Biggie really blends well on a remake of this classic Biggie cut.


15. Hustler's Story (Featuring Scarface, Akon & Big Gee Of Boyz N Da Hood): Oh man whats not to like about this one. Im not too familiar with Boyz N Da Hood but Akon and Scarface really make this track. Akon's beautiful vocals on the cut really make this one flow. Of course Scarface comes correct with his own style.


20. Hold Ya Head (Featuring Bob Marley): This one just creeps me out. 2 dead legends on one track years after there death.



Those are my fav cuts on the album.


Since I get to listen to alot of advance albums I would love to throw up a review like this once in a while. Any chance of getting a sub forum for music discussion in the media forum?



Peace Hip-Hop Lovers,


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