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Florida Marlins: Here today, gone tomorrow?


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Florida Marlins: Here today, gone tomorrow?


The brouhaha about the Marlins goes on, and it's apparent that neither the city of Miami nor Jeffrey Loria can afford a new retractable-roof stadium. Then it occurred to me that baseball is no longer the national pastime.


The truth is, cellphones are the new national pastime. People who would never go to a baseball game walk around with a cellphone, usually stuck to their ears, endlessly chatting or taking bad pictures with the cheap, built-in cameras. They can't go shopping without calling home for instructions on how to buy a loaf of bread.


Miami should build a cellphone park for all those people. ''BellSouth Park'' could have a retractable roof designed to act as the antennae, eliminating those ugly poles that now dot the landscape. The city could sell season tickets and put a Metrorail stop there. I'm reasonably sure that it would generate more income than a baseball team decimated by a fire sale.




It really breaks my heart to see where the Florida Marlins are today. You have a team of fine young men and consummate professionals who cannot seem to get a break from this community. Loyal fans are too few in number while the rest of this community could not care less about our nation's favorite pastime.


The team has been denied state subsidies given to other teams. Gov. Bush refused to allow a tax on the cruise industry to be used to help finance a stadium.


Something must be done because once the Marlins are gone, baseball won't be back here anytime soon.



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