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2 round mock draft version 2.1 no trades


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1 Texans ? Reggie Bush RB USC

2 Saints ? Matt Leinart QB USC

3 Titans ? D?brickshaw Fergusan LT Virgina

4 Jets - Vince Young QB Texas

5 Packers - AJ Hawk LB Ohio State

6 Raiders - Mario Williams NC State

7 49ers - Michael Huff S Texas

8 Bills - Haloti Ngata NT Oregon

9 Lions - Winston Justice LT USC

10 Cardinals- Lendale white RB USC

11 Rams - Vernon Davis TE Maryland

12 Browns- Manny Lawson OLB NCS

13 Ravens- DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis

14 Eagles - Chad Greenway OLB Iowa

15 Falcons- Jimmy Williams CB/S VT

16 Dolphins- Jay Cutler QB Vandy

17 Vikings - Demeco Ryans OLB Alabama

18 Cowboys- Ko Simpson S SC

19 Chargers- Darnell Bing S USC

20 Chiefs- Tambia Hali DE Penn State

21 Patriots- Laurence Maroney RB Minn

22 Broncos- Santanio Holmes WR Ohio State

23 Bucs- Ernie Sims OLB FSU

24 Bengals- Broderik Bunkley DT FSU

25 Giants - Thomas Howard OLB UTEP

26 Bears- Lenoard Pope TE Georgia

27 Panthers- Gabe Watson DT Michigan

28 Jaguars- Antonio Cromartie CB FSU

29 Broncos- Mathias Kiwanuka DE BC

30 Colts - D?Qwell Jackson LB Maryland

31 Seattle- Bobby Carpenter OLB Ohio State

32 Pitt- Martin Nance WR Ohio (Miami)


33 Texans- Marcus McNeil OT auburn

34 Saints- Abdul Hodge LB Iowa

35 Jets ? Joseph Addai RB LSU

36 Packers- Tye Hill CB Clemson

37 49ers- Mercedes Lewis TE UCLA

38 Raiders- Max- Jean Gilles OG Georgia

39 Titans- Brody Croyle QB Alabama

40 Lions- Omar Jacobs QB Bowling Green

41 Cardinals- Eric Winston OT U M

42 Bills ? Darryn Colledge OT Boise State

43 Browns- Ryan O?Callaghan OT Ca

44 Ravens- Davin Joseph OG Oklahoma

45 Eagles ? Sinorice Moss WR UM

46 Rams- Richard Marshall CB Fresno State

47 Falcons- Demario Minter CB Georgia

48 Vikings- Brian Calhoun RB Wisconsin

49 Cowboys- Chad Jackson WR UF

50 Chargers- Andrew Whitworth LT LSU

51 Dolphins- Kai Parham LB Virgina

52 Patriots- Ashton Youboty CB Ohio State

53 Redskins- Darryl Tapp DE VT

54 Chiefs- Claude Wroten DT LSU

55 Bengals- Dominique Byrd TE USC

56 Giants- Jonathan Joseph CB SC

57 Bears- Kelly Jennings CB UM

58 Panthers- Anthony Fasano TE Norte Dame

59 Bucs- Cedric Griffin CB Texas

60 Jags- Ray Edwards DE Purdue

61 Broncos ? Nick Mangold C Ohio State

62 Colts- Alan Zemaitis CB Penn State

63 Seahawks- Derek Hagan WR Arizona State

64 Steelers- Greg Eslinger C Minnesota


There are two rounds without trades. I will add in some more rounds later on and then some trades as well for us. Here is a quickie I will do a 4 rounder later on. Tell me what you would like changed for that one Smile

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There isn't a chance in hell Cutler drops to the 16 spot



Yep, agreed.


Doubtful that the Titans pass on a QB for D'Brickshaw, either. I'm also becoming more convinced the Bills shy away from Ngata and go for one of the DE's or grab Huff if he's still on the board (which in this case he's not).


\ typo-a**hole


It's also nice to see Santana Moss back in the draft this year, though I'm a little surprised to see him drop to the second round.



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