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Guys Ready to Breakout


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This is the list of guys I either like to breakout/ get on the prospect map or get a look in the show in 2006. I know we have alot of good prospects so I tried to narrow my list down.


The views here are express only by user and are all opinions by user. I would for all of you to state your own breakout candidates or w/e thankout. (point please don't trash me)



Jason Stokes- if healthy I say he improves plate disciple and re-establishes himself as a top prospect.

Note: Should get a look during the year in the year by the Marlins and I suggest the organization try him out at LF.


Logan Kensing- I believe this is the role he truly belongs in, should thrive pitching out of the bullpen.

Note: I compare Kensing to a David Weathers and Kensing should get a call by the Marlins during the year.


Yusmeiro Petit: Gonna struggle at first, don't expect low ERA for season (low 4's)

Note: Compare him to Livan Hernandez, believe he does better in the majors than minors(Triple A season), should get a look by the Marlins.


Travis Bowyer: Not a big Fan from what I saw or heard from him out of spring training though has good # the last 2 seasons. Expect low - mid 3 ERA with decline in K's.

Note: Comparison Braden Looper, should get a look, only hope he develops another pitch, see as trade bait.


Robert Andino: really like his D but not his attitude. Iffy because I don't know which Andino shows up to Triple A (Arinzona Fall or Spring Training version) though I still expect him to improve across the board.

Note: Comparison Royce Clayton, should get a look depending on which Andino shows up to AAA by the Marlins. Only hope the Marlins try him out at 2nd. Lots of potential.


Randy Messenger: not to high on him, feel very hittable. Expect similar to worse # from last season.

Note: Gonna have to put of better results than the one he put up in AAA last season or else trade bait, should get a call from the Marlins during the year.


Renyel Pinto- really like his stuff, if puts command together should be able a front of the rotation type of starter if not a power reliver similar to Author Rhodes. Command is key for Pinto don't think he develops it in 2005 so bad #.



Anibal Sanchez: Feel best pitching prospect in system, if healthy should tear it up in AA, though poor offense club can hurt his W total.

Note:If healthy should could a call by the Marlins during the year.


Taylor Tankersley: My first breakout candidate form the list so far. Should thrive out of bullpen

Note: Hope he stays the whole season in the minor because he is not on the 40 man roster, though will probably get call. Compare him to Steve Kline(good version) MAJOR BREAKOUT CANDIDATE


Chris Mobley: Though most of you know him he is not currently a top prospect(wasn't ranked by baseball America anywhere in their back). Added experience thanks to pitching team U.S.A as our closer last season only help, should less impressive # than he did in 2005 but expect a ERA in the high 2's.

Compare him to Bronson Arroyo bullpen version. BREAKOUT CANDIDATE


Alejandro De Aza: Expect similar # to those he posted last season but at a higher level with a better stolen base percentage.


High A

J.T Restko: Love this guy. Good hitter who know how to take a walk with emerging power. Should hit alot of doubles for the hammerheads with a good OBP, OPS, and avg.



Jose Garica: Like this guy very much also should get a call to Carolina by mid season.



Jai Miller: I know I am gonna get heat for this but I see him stealing 20 bases this year and start putting things together.



Allen Baxter: Has Kevin Brown type movement on his pitches. Gonna start the year of in the DL. Once regains control from prior to his surgery should move fast.

Note: BREAKOUT CANDIDATE(if healthy) with Tom Gordon Potential


Kurt Koehler: Is a younger Logan Kensing. Heavy sinker who doesn't always control it. I predict him to do well in 2005 and should be a set-up candidate like Kensing down the line. BREAKOUT CANDIDATE


Matt Goyen: Change-up is nasty, fringe stuff but should get on the map and a call mid season to pitch for Carolina.


Jesus Delgado: Acquired in the Josh Beckett deal along with Ramirez, Sanchez and Garcia. Delgado is scheduled to start the year off in Jupiter along with Garcia(though im not sure who closes) I see him pitching well and getting a call to pitch for the Mudcats by mid season.


Jacob Marceaux: If what I heard is correct which is he is reliver now, then he could be the next Carlos Martinez/Jason Vargas. Should move quickly and could be with the big club full time as soon as next year.

Note: BREAKOUT CANDIDATE as a reliver (meh as starter)


Scott Nestor: Big time fastball which hits 96-97, was used as a closer after Mobley left to pitch for team U.S.A and did really well.

Note: Should start the year of on the DL but could get on the prospect map in 2006


Low A

Rafeal Galbizo: Don't know much about this guy other than he can hit 94 mph with his fastball and he has a good curveball.

Note: # indicate that he is ready to BREAKOUT candidate in 2006


Chris Voldstad: I don't think I have to say much about. Wouldn't surprise me if h pitches in AA this year

Note: Good composure but very hittable at times major candidate to move up in prospects lists.


Aaron Thompson: Has more to prove than Voldstad and I expect very good # from Thompson in 2006.

Note: Comaprison a Al Leiter/Randy Wolf major candidate to move up on lists like Voldstad


Sean West: Now that it looks like Allison is not a part of our farm system any longer this guy takes over as the pitcher with the most potential in the system. As Sophmore in high school his fastball top at 85 mph, though by his senior year his fastball top out at as high as 94 mph and scouts expect that to improve as he gets stronger and fills out his frame.



Chris Leroux: gonna start the year off on the DL but when healthy used a high 90's fastball with a plus slider. Very good athelte that was projected to be drafted as either a catcher or pitcher

Note: can get on the prospect map in 2006 if healthy


Gaby Sanchez: better version of Eli Marrero, who is hard to K and has good power.

Note: very versatile, should move fast, BREAKOUT CANDIDATE


Brett Hayes: very smart, good athelete, hard working, often gets comparison to Craig Biggio

Note: Gonna start the year of on the DL but is the bets Catcher in the system


Greg Burns: Fast as hell and knows how to take a walk which tells me he could put it all together in 2006



Jeff Van Houten: This guys is already either 23-24 but is a very good hitter with a plus arm. Should move fast in the system and post good # in 2006. Could be the next Josh Williangham though smaller version only 5-11



Well these are my predictions/slash scouting reports by level on the guys That I see either making a strong push in 2006 or MLB call up. Im just as exicitied for today minor league opening day as I was for Marlins.

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From what I saw of Messenger, he actually had filthy stuff...just think he got the callup to fast.


And I think Harvey will get on the fast track to be the LF by mid 2007. Just my opinion, I like his the potential in his bat and his cannon of a throwing arm.

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