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Whats the scoop on the ticket info for saturday?


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#1: its the braves #2: its a saturday #3: we're in the wild card hunt and in the lead #4: its a bobble head night #5: d-trains pitching #6: we won last night so it gives a little more enthusiasm toward the marlins fan to go to the game #7: 6 game winning streak


those are 7 good reasons why we should draw 40k plus tonight!


As much as I agree with you, look out the window. It's grey, real dark grey out there (I live on the bay side of Miami Beach and can look out for miles over Biscayne Bay in the direction of PPS) and if I didn't have tickets I wouldn't be saying to my family "hey kids let's go see the Marlins".


Until we have an all-weather stadium, or PPS is so retro-fitted it's unrealistic to expect the average joe or janet to make hundred dollar commitments 82 times a year and get soaked for their trouble. Corporate ticket sales are important to be sure but if you look at the successful franschises, they have a family ticket base that really brings in the bucks.


If the Marlins are going to fight for their share of the ticket dollars in South Florida they need to be able to provide a predictable environment and that means a roof.


If we get 40,000 tonight that will be great. If we don't I'm won't be surprised or disappointed. Despite the best efforts of the media to drive this team into a ditch, fans are coming out, baseball is being reborn here and there's a better chance than ever that the Florida Marlins will finally find a home.


It's amazing what winning does for you.

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