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The Pro Re-named again


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MIAMI -- By dropping one letter, the Miami Dolphins' and Florida Marlins' home stadium got a new name.


The facility will now be known as Dolphin Stadium, not by the Dolphins Stadium moniker it carried for the past year. The move was formally announced Saturday, when a new logo for the 18-year-old facility was also unveiled.




"We wanted to capture the spirit of the Dolphins, the fact that they play here, and the fact that this is their home but at the same time separate and make it its own unique brand," said Dolphins Enterprises CEO Joe Bailey. "Therefore that fits into the overall strategy, the branding strategy and the overall strategy of the stadium."




The stadium also has been known as Joe Robbie Stadium and Pro Player Stadium since opening in 1987.

Had anyone even noticed?

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should be called joe robbie stadium. He built the SOB with his own money and pretty much was the pioneer of south florida sports. If it wasnt for him he never would of had the dolphins still or the marlins really ever coming here.


Oh wells, this is one fin/fish fan that wont forget what you did for south florida sports joe :) I always call it joe robbie stadium.

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