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Bowa vs. McKeon


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With the all important Marlins - Phillies series on the horizon, I thought some of you might enjoy this piece.



Panic sets in for Bowa, Phils


Don Ketchum

Baseball Insider

Sept. 14, 2003 12:00 AM



With two weeks to go, the races for the division titles and wild-card spots continue to heat up. A few snapshots:



No mutual admiration



The Florida Marlins, battling National League East rival Philadelphia for the wild card, meet the Phillies at Veterans Stadium for three games beginning Tuesday night.


Marlins manager Jack McKeon recently was asked by the (Fort Lauderdale) Sun-Sentinel about the pressure of the playoff drive. His response lit the already-short fuse of Phillies manager Admin Bowa, whom McKeon hired as manager of the San Diego Padres in 1987 when McKeon was general manager.


"This is when you have to temper it. You can't get excited," McKeon said. "You can't let the scoreboard watching . . . it's a distraction. You can't panic.


"That's the thing you see when you get in a situation like this is the thing you see in Philadelphia, Bowa panicking. While if I panic, they (players) are going to panic. I got to be calm, reserved. . . . I can't show them guys anything."


Bowa's reply to Philadelphia reporters:


"This must be 'Bash Admin Week.' It's not important. . . . I know what I'm about. That's all I care about. Eddie Wade (Phillies GM) knows what I'm about. . . . I don't care about the perception I give in Boston or Fort Lauderdale. . . .


"I don't care about the Marlins. I worry about our team. I don't care what (McKeon) does, like I don't care what Art Howe (New York Mets manager) does. Every manager worries about their own team. If they're worried about other teams, they have problems."


Bowa had better worry. The Marlins have defeated the Phillies eight times in a row.



Link to Arizona Republic article

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McKeon and Loria will discuss McKeon's future in the offseason. It is both of their wishes that this happens. so we will not speculate on it.


I like Bowa as a manager, I think he wants to win more than some of his players and that is his entire problem. Kinda sad, but he needs players who are just as hungry.

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