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Why Wright sliped


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DT Rodrique Wright By: Alain Poupart

Associate Editor

Date: Apr 30, 2006


Rodrique Wright had heard rumblings about his stock falling heading into the draft, but he never anticipated not being picked until the seventh round. And when the Dolphins finally ended his wait by selecting him 226th overall, he found out what perhaps proved to be the reason for his major fall.


Wright said the Dolphins told him after drafting him that he had a shoulder injury that probably was going to require surgery. That came as news to Wright, who said he never felt any pain and recently bench-pressed 425 pounds.

"It's very strange," Wright said after being drafted. "Actually, I've been getting stronger. I haven't had any problems."


Wright said his best guess would be that he would have suffered the injury during practice for Texas' bowl game during his junior season, but he can't be sure because he played every game in 2005 and never felt any pain beyond what he thought that normal soreness.


Wright said some NFL teams had him undergo an MRI in the spring, but not all of them. Not until Sunday did Wright have any inkling that he had any kind of shoulder injury.


"I was informed today by Miami," Wright said. "I've been confused as to why I went from the first round to the seventh round."


Wright probably would have been a first-round pick had he entered the draft following his junior season, but he decided to return to the Longhorns, who he helped win the national title.


But his draft stock fell in the process, even without the injury, because he didn't dominate as much as expected despite the fact he earned consensus All-American honors. Scouts felt Wright had a tendency to slack off, particularly if the play wasn't headed in his direction. He also had a lackluster performance in Texas' Rose Bowl victory over USC.


But it's clear there was something else behind the major downfall, something Wright still has a problem accepting. That's why Wright said the first thing he might do upon arriving in Miami is get a second opinion on his right shoulder.


"I'm not happy," Wright said. "Obviously, it's disappointing. I know it's an injury issue and not a talent issue.


"I don't know exactly what the injury is, it wasn't explained to me. I'm not totally convinced. Maybe there was some kind of error."

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I feel bad for the guy, but only so much because he landed in the best place to play football in 2006 and beyond. Kudos to Saban for getting this guy, he could end up being a Will Poole type pick. If he does miss the upcoming season, we have enough DT's to cover the position but this guy (and Vickerson) could be useful a few years from now.

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Wright?s agent discloses injury

By Staff | Sunday, April 30, 2006, 06:54 PM


Why did Rod Wright slide to the seventh round of the NFL Draft? Tracy Lartigue, Wright?s agent, said the defensive tackle has a torn right rotator cuff, and played with the injury his senior season. Lartigue said Wright plans to undergo surgery in the next two weeks.



He played with a torn rotator cuff the whole year. This dudes a beast.

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Wright up the middle: Miami Dolphins


? Quotes on Rod Wright's shoulder injury


Hey Longhorn fans,


I ended up sliding to the seventh round in today's draft, but when I spoke with Coach Saban of the Dophins right before they picked me, he let me know that from an MRI at the combine, their doctors said I needed to have some work done on my shoulder. I don't know everything yet, and I don't know how long I'll be out after surgery, but that was why I dropped so far. As it turns out, a lot of the teams knew about the injury, but I didn't realize it until today. It may have been something that's been there and I didn't know about it. I never had any pain that would have led me to believe my shoulder was hurt or that forced me to miss any time in practice or working out last season.


Even up until last week I felt fine. I've been working out since the combine and couldn't tell there was a problem. I've been benching and trying to get my strength back to where it was because working out to get stronger and working out for the combine are totally different because you're only benching 225 for the combine. I started getting on the heavy weights again and just last week got up to doing reps on 425. It didn't bother me, and I got up to even more weight on the dumbbells. I got to about 155 or 160 on the dumbbell bench. I only did it twice, but the fact that my shoulder was holding that weight up, I thought it would have shown if I had a shoulder problem. It hasn't been a problem, so it was a shocker.


Luckily, Miami stepped up and drafted me and let me know everything. I'm happy being in Miami. It's a great place to live, and they have an up-and-coming team. I'm going to have the opportunity to go in there and do some great things.


Since the draft, I've talked to Cleve Bryant and Coach Brown left me a message. I'm thankful for all of the people who have been concerned. There are a lot of people who have been with me this whole time and it showed me a lot. I learned a lot about myself this weekend, because going from a possible first round to the seventh round, I handled it well. Anybody that was with me will tell you that I kept a positive mind frame and wasn't worried. I've always felt like I'll be ready to play and have an impact as soon as I get on the field again.


Coach Saban and I have talked a bunch of times. It was the Dolphins that actually worked me out at Pro Day and I have a decent relationship with their D-line coach already. I've known Coach Saban for a while, and he actually came to my house in high school. He was the first college coach to come and watch me practice in high school. He's a real cool guy and a great coach. He joked around with me a little today and said, 'I couldn't get you to LSU, but now I've got you and you can't get away from me.' That got me laughing on the phone, and it's good he knows the type of player I am. Despite being drafted so low, he told me he knows what kind of pick he has and that he has high expectations for me.


I've had interviews with Dolphins during the whole process, and I basically took them through the defense we ran at Texas. We basically just talked football. They didn't have any issues with me and always displayed interest. They said I was a good guy and they liked that. Without having this injury, they said they would have taken me earlier. They might have taken me in the third round because they only had a first round pick, and it was pretty high, then they didn't have a second round pick, so they were waiting on me.


My agent explained to me that there were issues, but teams don't necessarily tell you everything they know because they don't want to show their hand. I kind of wish I had known before that I had a red flag on my injury report and that I could slip this far, but I didn't, and those two days were pretty hectic.


I had high hopes. I thought I could be a potentially low first round, maybe second or third round pick. I had my list of teams where I might fall, and just watching the draft and watching it unfold, it was frustrating. I was thinking there were a lot of guys going ahead of me that I think I'm better than, no disrespect to them, but I felt I'm better and can do more things. Day two came, and I just knew I would be a quick fourth round pick, and that didn't happen. Then the fifth round came and I didn't get picked, then the sixth round, and I actually started discussing with my agent free agency.


At the time, I didn't know about the injury, and I was thinking teams didn't want to take for whatever reasons, but once I found out about the injury, it wouldn't say it made me happy, but it relieved me more knowing that. For my confidence, I knew if it hadn't been for this, I would have gone a lot higher. It got bad in the sixth round seeing guys go from the Big 12 and guys I played against go ahead of me. I knew I wasn't just a seventh round pick, and seeing that, it got to me, but after knowing why, it made me feel better, and going to Miami is obviously not a bad place.


We have a mini-camp, and I'm flying out to Miami on Thursday. I probably won't go through any drills. I'll get looked at by the doctors again and figure out exactly what happened and what needs to be done. If there's going to be time where I'm out, we'll go from there, but hopefully it was a misread and I can suite up and play in the 2006 season.


So finally, I just want to thank everyone -- my family, friends, the fans -- who supported me and were concerned. I want to let everyone know that if it weren't for this unfortunate injury, I would have gone higher, but I'm a firm believer that God put me on the right team, and whatever doesn't kill me makes me better. I'll be ready to go and Rod Wright won't be a name that's forgotten.


Hook 'em






A good letter he wrote to the Texas fans and all. He seems like a great guy and all, plus excited to be coming here. I cant wait to see him as a DT or DE in the 3-4.


Welcome to Miami Wright, I cant wait to see you here on our defense :)

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Guest Fritz

We seem to be stockpiling the really talented, but underproducing young DTs. Hopefully Wright and Wright pan out. They could be super-duper good.

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