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Wild Card

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you want to always try to score if you can......



but if you are up by a large margin there are some things you generally dont do....



you dont tag up, except on long fly balls.


you dont steal bases....





hitting a grand slam is something that happens.....



not a big deal...it was their night last night. tonight was our night.

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i totally disagree BB84...


hitting a grand slam is part of the game..... and they didnt run up the score, we just sucked



Unsportsmanlike? That is exactly what you're supposed to do. Drive a stake through the heart of your enemy, kick him when he's down, screw with his head if you can.


When there's only a handful of games left and you are in a fight to death match, that's exactly what you do.


Plus, we were outplayed. Period.

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eh ok ur probably right about the grandslam thing. but i hate scores like that no matter what side i'm on. itz not exciting when the score is so high that the pitcher could take a nap on the mound for a few innings and still not lose. thats a football score. bleh


i didnt notice if they stole bases or anything like that, Das. i was too upset. but your right, i was taught that on my old softball team, and we kicked but a lot.

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