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This week's ESPN Power Alley....


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ESPN's Power Alley has come out today, ranking the Fish ninth. Interestingly, the Phils moved up to eighth. Here's what they say:


"Yeah they lost two-of-three to the Phils, but expect the Marlins to still win the wild card."


Does this quiet anyone that thinks the Marlins STILL don't get respect?

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You can't add water and have instant respect. A lot of casual fans don't know or even care who the Marlins are. These things take time, but it will happen

Agreed. It seems like if they aren't first on Sportscenter, people complain about a "lack of respect." Let's face it, this team has sucked since '98. People will respect you when you make the playoffs and DO SOMETHING there. Just cuz you have a nice record and are in the race for the playoffs don't mean squat.

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