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Bill Simmons Top 40 NBA player trade index

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I hope Lebron stays in Cleveland. I can't think of a particularly good reason for him to do so, though. In a way, Lebron really deserves better than that sorry outfit, and there doesn't seem to be much help on the way.


Simmons is right. If he leaves, Cleveland will completely fold. They will get Marlins-sized crowds at the games.


Lebron might just be too big for the city of Cleveland.

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hate lebron if he goes for NY, god I would hate that. He should go to Miami and play with Wade :)



I wouldn't blame him if he went there, but as Simmons pointed out, unless someone totally bails the Knicks out with the most ridiculous trade ever, there's no way the Knicks will have the cap room to even go after Lebron.


I don't think Chicago will either, not after the Wallace deal. LA might. Not sure about that. Sure would be interesting...Kobe and Lebron on the same team.


The thing is, there will only be a few teams able to give Lebron the max deal after next season...at least one of those will probably be in a better position than Cleveland...but it may not be a dream scenario for Lebron.

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28. Kirk Hinrich

The poor man's Nash. We might have to ask the president to step in and demand that Hinrich plays in the 2008 Olympics. It's for the good of the country.



I've been saying this forever.. get him on the Olympic team. He's just what they need.

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I'd love to see LeBron stay in Cleveland (and now hes signed an extension, so he is staying) but its a shame that Danny Ferry threw $160 million at Ilgauskus/Hughes/Damon Jones


now their hands are pretty much tied for a while and LeBron has to continue carrying a mediocre team on his back

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Guest FishFanInPA

i agree with him....if we deal AI to the Celtics of all teams, there would be an uprising.....plus we wouldn't get fair value and it would be another debacle like the Barkley deal.

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