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Who's going?


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All i know is that they will be expensive.

Nope, the Marlins have the lowest playoff ticket prices in MLB. It used to be the Twins with the lowest at $12, but we beat them with $9 seats.


Postseason Ticket Prices


All prices for the 2003 Division Series:


Per Ticket Prices NLDS


Founders Club $55.00

Infield Box $25.00

Terrace Box $15.00

Outfield Res. $9.00

Fish Tank $9.00



Club A $32.00

Club B $24.00

Club C $18.00



Upper Level $9.00

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NLDS only one section went up. You can't ask for better.


And better hurry up, all that is left is way up there in the nose bleeds for Game 3 (I didn't check for Game 4 because I already have tickets BUT I heard it was the same story).

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I will be there on Friday. I just checked on ticketmaster and the best pair of tix currently available are way up in section 407 on the third base side or way up in section 436 on the first base side, which are both in the corners of the stadium. And thats still with a week left to buy tickets, so it should be an amazing crowd.

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