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Pennington Wins Starting Job


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Chad Pennington has won the Jets' starting quarterback job, according to a team official with knowledge of the team's plans.


The official, who requested anonymity because coach Eric Mangini isn't ready to make a formal announcement, said the competition at quarterback is over.


Pennington, the official said, has surprised the organization with his arm strength and accuracy, easily outdistancing himself from Patrick Ramsey.


"We're surprised at the progress he's made," the official said. "No one expected him to be this far along this early."


Ramsey, obtained in a trade from the Redskins this off-season to be Pennington's main rival, has been plagued by inconsistency -- something that derailed his career in Washington. He has had good days and bad, earning the wrath of the coaches one moment and their praise the next. This does not sit well with Mangini.


Rookie Kellen Clemens has struggled in drills and clearly is not ready. The Jets, however, expected that and are still confident in his future.


Brooks Bollinger is where he was last year -- an insurance policy in case Pennington or Ramsey gets hurt. Barring that, Bollinger may be released or traded before the end of camp.


Mangini and all of the players involved could not be reached for comment because the information was learned after the team's media availability for the day.


Pennington, after a shaky opening practice in which he threw interceptions on two of his first three passes in 11-on-11 drills, has made steady progress. He has strung together five solid practices, including a stellar performance in yesterday's afternoon session that stunned many in the organization.


Pennington, who has gone through eight practices, continues to show touch, distance and increased velocity on his throws and is skipping fewer and fewer drills. He still doesn't have a 90-mph fastball but that has never stopped him from getting the job done when he's healthy.


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Guest Fritz

Kellen Clemens will be the starter after Pennington dies from a periwinkle landing on his arm. I think Clemens has the ability to be a star, assuming that the Jets OL improves, but with two first rounders used on OL, I'm inclined to think they will improve which saddens me. I hate the Jets.

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