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This has been discussed for a long time, but I think it's time to go to the 6 man rotation, whether we've been doing well or not. If we want to make any type of run now, or in the future we gotta keep our guys healthy. As we saw with Verlander and Liriano, the young guys tire out. It looks like Nolasco is starting to, and I dont wanna risk anything with him or any of the others. We saw that Moehler still has something left in him, so I think he can make a few more productive starts. But for our Starting Pitchers' benifit we gotta give 'em another day of rest.

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I agree, and I think it we probably will go to a six-man rotation soon (I am guessing sometime soon after the September callups). Here is the latest Girardi had to say on the Marlins going to a six-man rotation.


Girardi may use 6-man rotation

By Ben Volin


Special to the Palm Beach Post


Thursday, August 24, 2006


MIAMI GARDENS ? With 20 games in 20 days beginning Friday, Marlins manager Joe Girardi said he and his staff are considering a six-man pitching rotation to ease the burden on the team's young pitchers.


The Marlins are off today and don't have another scheduled off day until Sept. 14.


"Anything's a possibility," Girardi said before Wednesday's game. "I will not risk injury for one game for one season of any player."


Dontrelle Willis is the only starter who has thrown more than 162 innings in a season. Anibal Sanchez (151 innings) and Scott Olsen (140t) have already reached career highs in innings pitched between the majors and minors this season, and Ricky Nolasco and Josh Johnson aren't far off. Young pitchers aren't used to playing in September, when most minor-league seasons are already complete.


Girardi said he won't put young pitchers on strict pitch counts but will monitor their starts carefully.


"They do have to learn how to pitch in the month of September, because the goal is to pitch in October," Girardi said. "But we won't abuse them."


Source -- http://www.palmbeachpost.com/marlins/conte...notes_0824.html

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I disagree....Nolasco had leg cramps and has always been up and down all year. He just had 1 bad start....it happens with rookies.


It's good to have Moe and Mitre in the pen for long relief when rookies make bad starts however Brian Moehler is NOT the answer as a starter as must of us know....we can't give away ANY games during the stretch run.

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