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Should I get it?


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That's not bad and if you stay with it you are obviously going to want to upgrade everything but for starting off fresh that is fine. You may also want to consider the re-sell value on that which won't be that high. But you've probably already considered that.


Here is a good place to look for reviews and types of amps: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar%20Amp


I'm glad you are going the do it yourself way. I'm totally self-taught and I started when I was 13 or 14 using assorted books and tabs I photocopied out of books and magazines. If you have more questions or whatever I'd be happy and try my best to help.

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I learned to play when I was 19 when a friend showed my a few chords (E minor and G major to be exact). I took what he showed me and progressed from there.


Do you have any friends that play guitar Bradcore?


If the self teaching way doesnt work have a buddy show you some chords. Start with some power chords (these are the easiest and you'll be able to play a lot of heavy metal faves simply by using them).




Maybe we can get a guitar gear thread going as well......


Here's some of my gear:



Samick hollow body with EMG pick ups




Relatively crappy Washburn acoustic




I run my electric guitars through 2 Tech 21 amps (in stereo.....u have to try it if you havent done so yet)


I use a Digitech 2101 Processor (it was the sh*t about 10 years ago but it has some great patches and uses real tube technology)


I combine the Digitech with a BBE Frequency Maximizer (it basically masteres the overall tone and its amazing when you hear the difference with it on as oppossed to off).


I also use a freestanding Korg Tuner rackmount.



Nice to see there are some guitar players on the board.

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For what its worth..........a good rule of thumb in terms of guitars/keyboards is that you get what you pay for.


A $300 guitar sounds like a $300 guitar (although Ibanez makes some relatively cheap guitars that have nice tone).


If Im not mistaken, Squire is Fenders low end brand. Start with a Squire and then if you make strides with it and are having fun, invest in a better quality guitar.


Good luck!

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