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Overheard Kevin Baxter on WFAN


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It's by coincidence that I had this station on the internet and Kevin called in to the Mike & the Mad Dog show. I wished I had listened more intently as I wasn't expecting the interview and was in the middle of doing something else.




- He was asked about the feud between Girardi and Loria, commenting that he thought both sides were both right and wrong but that the fan base is now against Loria in the feud.


- He also commented on the chances of making the playoffs. Chris Russo told him about having to play the Phillies in the next month. Russo implied that he doubts the Marlins can overtake the Phillies for that wild card spot. Kevin seems to not challenge him on that point, though I could be wrong about it.


- Russo also asked him about the Marlins' stadium situation. Kevin talked about how Miami is "first a football then an event town." He brought that even though Miami isn't a basketball town that when the Heat went to the finals the folks came out in force. Kevin thinks that the area mistrusts Loria/Samson and that the other 29 owners want this issue resolved one way or the owner and that is why the league has stepped into the negotiations. He also says that South Florida is still the better choice over San Antonio and Las Vegas. Portland wasn't mentioned as a possibility.


Hopefully, the website will have the interview up on their audio links page soon. Feel free to ask any questions, as I'll do my best to answer them until then.

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With all due respect, the Herald is by far the worst of the three local papers when it comes to fish coverage, I could care less what Baxter has to say.


Interesting that he got time on sports radio 66.



I see your point. I would have preferred Sarah Talaley, as she has given a more thorough coverage of the team, at least when it came to stadium news.


FWIW, the interview with Baxter is already up on their site, if anyone's interested.



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