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Captain Joe will not miss time..


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Notes: Girardi won't miss time

Wife's pregnancy will be induced on Tuesday morning

By Joe Frisaro / MLB.com


MIAMI -- Extremely organized, Joe Girardi makes ample time to be with his family as well as his team.


The 41-year-old Marlins manager will be crunching his time on Tuesday.


In the morning, his wife, Kim, will have labor induced on the couples' third child. On the special day, Girardi plans on being with the Marlins in plenty of time for a night game against the Diamondbacks at Dolphin Stadium.


With the Marlins squarely in the Wild Card mix, the Girardi family is savoring their newest addition to the family as well as what is a rewarding season.


Dealing with the rigors of baseball season is nothing new for Kim.


"My wife is a tough lady," Girardi said. "She'll put it on TV. My kids think they should get school off."


This is the second time Girardi is experiencing the birth of a child during a season. His daughter, Serena, was born on Sept. 3, 1999, when Girardi was catching for the Yankees.


Last week, Girardi missed the Aug. 29 game at St. Louis to stay back with his family. That day, he remained behind as Tropical Storm Ernesto was threatening South Florida.


Once the storm passed, he was able to rejoin the team for the Aug. 30 game with the Cardinals.


Sorry if posted


Big day for Girardi tomorrow... Hopefully everything goes well with the kid and the fish can pound on the DBACKS!

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