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I wouldn't recommend a primary account being used (your MAIN bank account.) Get a new bank account with what you NEED in it, than your in business. It's easy to use, everything is there. It's not rocket science. Just make sure once you join you get verifIed (IT INSURES buyer OR sellers, THAT YOUR NOT A Fraud) it'll be a link next to either your id or balance, just follow directions, it'll prob just ask you for the check number, routing number and bank account number with bank name, once that is done you can either wait for them to deposit you an amount then ask for your bank statement and type what info they want about the deposit, OR you can just get verifed by signing in to your ONLINE bank, once that is done you'll be ready to SELL or BUY (a good online banking I recommend is Washington Mutual free checking account + ONLINE banking, 2 dollar minimum deposit.) ALSO BEFORE YOU JOIN MAKE SURE you CHOOSE BETWEEN A BASIC ACCOUNT WHICH: Allows you to charge for free but gives you a 500 dollar maximum revenue per month, or a BUSINESS ACCOUNT which: charges you 2% on the amount of money you sell an item at auction for, but the benefit is that you have no maximum! You can transfer MONEY meaning send it back into your bank account. REQUEST MONEY, which paypal sends a person you are billing an email with a direct form to pay without them having to join (good way to have mom and dad give you money when you are AWAY in COLLEGE.) It's easy. Just remember any website with a HTTPs at the beginning of a URL is a secure site for credit cards. If you are using it as a merchant account all you have to do is send an invoice at the end of each auction by clicking next to the item where it says items sold, their is a tab just choose send invoice. and it'll require you to sign into paypal (EBAY WHO OWNS PAYPAL.... will transfer you), type the buyer some instructions, like for example: PAY ME NOW! OR to SELLER: SHIP TO ME ASAP! To PAY, just go to your email you used for your paypal or enter the site where the auction took place once vender sent an invoice it should appear as pay now. it'll once again require you instantly by tranfering to sign in paypal, press pay and your finished, have any other concerns just email me or im me aair13 on aim or zo649117 on yahoo. hope i was some help.

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